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An endless elastic ring of round cross-section similar in appearance to elastic shock cord. Meets pecification MIL-C-5651B, Type II. No joints or vulcanized splices. Inner core composed of multiple rubber strands, wound, under carefully controlled tension, into a circular skein. Braided cover composed of high grade yarn.

used on landing gear to reduce shock transmitted to fuselage while landing and taxiing, and on other shock mounting applications. Color coded to assure fresh stocks (color code changes every 3 months).

HD Heavy duty, higher test rings. Size: First dimension is cross section diameter of cord: second dimension is inside diameter of ring.

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Part Number Alternate Part Number Description Price Each
1080HD   Shock Ring, Size 3/4" x 8", Test 950, Number required 4. N/A
1280HD   Shock Ring, Size 5/8" x 8", Test 900, Number required 4. N/A
9010HD   Shock Ring, Size 9/16" x 10", Test 475, Number required 4. N/A
POR = Price On Request; N/A = Not Available as Standard Items

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