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Instruments shown are not necessarily representative of types in stock. Manufacturers and models may vary. Please inquire at time of order as to make and model available.

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Part Number Alternate Part Number Description Price Each
RN-2100   Scott Oil Tempature Guage, Range 100 to 250 degrees. 76.95
RN-2550   Scott Oil Pressure Guage, Range 0 to 120 PSI. 69.95
TURN-BANK   Turn and Bank. POR
AIRSPEED 160   Airspeed Indicator, 0-160. POR
AIRSPEED 200   Airspeed Indicator, 0-200. POR
AIRSPEED 300   Airspeed Indicator, 0-300. POR
VSI   Vertical Speed Indicator, 0-2000 FPM POR
C-2300   Airpath Compass. POR
TACH   Tachometer. POR
TEMP   Air Temp Guage, Centigrade and Fahrenheit POR
POR = Price On Request; N/A = Not Available as Standard Items

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