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Spiral Wound Gaskets - These gaskets have a unique design incorporating a V-shaped spiral wound insert made of layers of stainless steel and asbestos. This allows expansion and contraction through a wide range of heat and vibration. One gasket per cylinder is used.

Blo-Proof Spiral Wound Gaskets offer maximum longevity. They may even be reused; for example, after temporary removal and replacement of an exhaust stack.

IMPORTANT NOTE: All exhaust gaskets should first be torqued to O.E.M. specifications, then retorqued after engine is "hot run".

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Part Number Alternate Part Number Description Price Each
1000   Blo-Proof Gasket, All Lycoming Engines EXEPT IO-540-B, -E, -M, -WD; IGO-540-B; IGSO-540-B; TIO-540 Series; TIO-541 Series; TIGO-541 Series 6.50
999   Blo-Proof Gasket, A-65 Series; C-85 Series; C-90 Series; O-200 Series; O-300 Series, GO-300 Series; E-185 Series, E-225 Series; O-470-A 6.50
972   Blo-Proof Gasket, O-470 Series EXCEPT O-470-A, -E, -J; IO-470-J, -K; TSIO-470-B; TSIO-520-B, -C, -D; GTSIO-520-C, -D N/A
971   Blo-Proof Gasket, IO-540-B, -E, -M, -WD; IGO-540-B; IGSO-540-B; TIO-540 Series; TIO-541 Series; TIGO-541 Series N/A
POR = Price On Request; N/A = Not Available as Standard Items

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