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Flexible, hot oil and coolant resistant grommets. Used to protect tubing, wiring, and control cables where they pass through bulkheads and fire walls. Made of black synthetic rubber to specification MIL-G-3036. Order grommets by MS number plus dash number for size.

Notes: MS35489 grommets and AN931 grommets of like dimensions are interchangeable.

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Part Number Alternate Part Number Description Price Each
MS35489-2 AN931-2-9  Elastic Grommet, A=1/8, B=3/4, D=9/16, T=3/16. 0.30
MS35489-3 AN931-2-16  Elastic Grommet, A=1/8, B=1-1/4, D=1, T=1/4. 0.56
MS35489-134 AN931-3-9  Elastic Grommet, A=3/16, B=3/4, D=9/16, T=3/16. 0.35
MS35489-4 AN931-3-5  Elastic Grommet, A=3/16, B=7/16, D=5/16, T=3/16. 0.20
MS35489-5 AN931-3-10  Elastic Grommet, A=3/16, B=7/8, D=5/8, T=3/16. 0.32
MS35489-6 AN931-4-7  Elastic Grommet, A=1/4, B=5/8, D=7/16, T=3/16. 0.20
MS35489-7 AN931-4-12  Elastic Grommet, A=1/4, B=1, D=3/4, T=1/4. 0.39
MS35489-8 AN931-4-16  Elastic Grommet, A=1/4, B=1-1/4, D=1, T=1/4. 0.80
MS35489-9 AN931-5-9  Elastic Grommet, A=5/16, B=13/16, D=9/16, T=5/16. 0.35
MS35489-10 AN931-5-12  Elastic Grommet, A=5/16, B=1, D=3/4, T=5/16. 0.35
MS35489-118 AN931-5-13  Elastic Grommet, A=5/16, B=1-1/16, D=13/16, T=5/16. 0.50
MS35489-11 AN931-6-10  Elastic Grommet, A=3/8, B=7/8, D=5/8, T=5/16. 0.32
MS35489-12 AN931-6-16  Elastic Grommet, A=3/8, B=1-1/4, D=1, T=1/4. 0.45
MS35489-13 AN931-7-11  Elastic Grommet, A=7/16, B=15/16, D=11/16, T=5/16. 0.54
MS35489-14 AN931-8-13  Elastic Grommet, A=1/2, B=1-1/16, D=13/16, T=5/16. 0.45
MS35489-15 AN931-8-20  Elastic Grommet, A=1/2, B=1-1/2, D=1-1/4, T=1/4. 0.60
MS35489-16 AN931-9-13  Elastic Grommet, A=9/16, B=1-1/16, D=13/16, T=5/16. 0.65
MS35489-17 AN931-10-14  Elastic Grommet, A=5/8, B=1-1/8, D=7/8, T=5/16. 0.52
MS35489-18 AN931-10-20  Elastic Grommet, A=5/8, B=1-1/2, D=1-1/4, T=1/4. 0.58
MS35489-19 AN931-11-16  Elastic Grommet, A=11/16, B=1-5/16, D=1, T=3/8. 0.65
MS35489-135 AN931-12-20  Elastic Grommet, A=3/4, B=1-5/8, D=1-1/4, T=1/4. 0.95
MS35489-20 AN931-12-17  Elastic Grommet, A=3/4, B=1-3/8, D=1-1/16, T=3/8. 0.75
MS35489-21 AN931-12-23  Elastic Grommet, A=3/4, B=1-13/16, D=1-7/16, T=3/8. 1.95
MS35489-120 AN931-12-26  Elastic Grommet, A=3/4, B=2, D=1-5/8, T=3/8. 2.25
MS35489-22 AN931-14-20  Elastic Grommet, A=7/8, B=1-5/8, D=1-1/4, T=7/16. 0.78
MS35489-121 AN931-14-26  Elastic Grommet, A=7/8, B=2, D=1-5/8, T=7/16. 2.35
MS35489-23 AN931-16-22  Elastic Grommet, A=1, B=1-3/4, D=1-3/8, T=7/16. 0.85
MS35489-24 AN931-16-30  Elastic Grommet, A=1, B=2-1/4, D=1-7/8, T=7/16. 2.95
POR = Price On Request; N/A = Not Available as Standard Items

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