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Results from oil spectrographic analysis showed the Brackett filter to be consistently more successful in providing superior engine protection, and this is further proved by fewer spark plug problems and longer TBO's. The unique polyurethane filtering medium retained more foreign particles and is more resistant to sand abrasion than the coventional filters now in use.

Brackett air filters are easy to replace and les expensive to service than conventional filters. Remove the disposable polyurethane element and replace with a pre-wetted element. You need not replace the entire filter assembly during regular maintenance service.

The new "patent" oil wetting agent formula is extremely stable, resistant to chemical change, non-toxic and is fire-retardant. In addition it maintains a favorable air flow with a minimum air restriction throughout its service life. THIS IS A THROW-AWAY ELEMENT.

Bracket filters are FAA-PMA approved.

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Part Number Alternate Part Number Description Price Each
BA-104   Brackett Filter Assyembly 17.50
BA-8103   Brackett Filter Element 11.50
BA-8110   Brackett Filter Assyembly POR
BA-6108   Brackett Filter Element 7.25
BA-4106   Brackett Filter Assyembly 39.95
BA-4108   Brackett Filter Element 6.50
BA-5110   Brackett Filter Assyembly 41.95
BA-3   Brackett Filter Element 9.20
POR = Price On Request; N/A = Not Available as Standard Items

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